Chinese e-bike maker Cyrusher has a knack for making rugged e-bikes with a practical side. We saw this in the Trax, a full-suspension, fat-tire e-bike with an easy-access step-through frame. This time around, Cyrusher is back with the Scout, a small and compact e-bike designed to tread beyond the beaten path, all while being a levelheaded companion in the city.

Cyrusher positions the Scout as a blend of compactness and high performance. It’s offered in two versions – a standard model that’s frankly not that different from many other e-bikes on the market, and a Pro model that’s much more special because of quite a few features. For starters, the Pro model gets not one, but two motors. Of course, it also gets an extra battery to accompany that extra motor.

Cyrusher Doubles Down With Dual-Motor Scout E-Bike

So, why would an e-bike need two motors to begin with? Well, that’s up to you as the user to decide. Nevertheless, the Scout Pro gets two 750-watt hub motors (one on either wheel) for a combined nominal output of 1,500 watts. The dual batteries mean that the bike can travel about 112 miles on a single charge, but you’ll have to switch one of the motors off to achieve this range figure. Meanwhile, the standard Scout is not slouch, either, with a single 1,000-watt Bafang hub motor at the back capable of propelling to 28 miles per hour. Its single battery gives it a range of 56 miles on a single charge.

With its impressive performance capable of making it ride anywhere, Cyrusher hasn’t forgotten to keep the setup accessible. For starters, it gets a low-step 6061 aluminum frame which the company says fits riders of heights ranging from 5.5 to 6.6 feet. Some of the bike’s moto-inspired design elements are also there for added comfort and safety. For example, the extended saddle provides ample room for you to adjust your seating position and carry some luggage, too. There’s also a suspension fork and rear shock to take the edge off bumpy roads.

Cyrusher Doubles Down With Dual-Motor Scout E-Bike
Cyrusher Doubles Down With Dual-Motor Scout E-Bike

Up front, you’ll notice the moto-style LED headlight. This 250-lumen setup ensures optimal visibility in low-light conditions, while an LED tail light ensures you’re visible to other road users and pedestrians. Managing your pedal strokes is a seven-speed Shimano drivetrain, though the bike is powerful enough to get you going no matter what gear you select. There’s even a twist throttle for times when you don’t feel like pedaling at all. Of course, you get capable hydraulic brakes from Tektro to slow you down on a dime. Cyrusher says that the Scout has a total payload capacity of 330 pounds, including the rider.

When it comes to pricing and availability, Cyrusher offers the standard Scout for an attractive price tag of $2,999 USD. Meanwhile, the Pro model, which is quite literally twice the bike, doesn’t command twice the price, and as such is, in my opinion at least, the better deal, as it retails for $3,999 USD. You even get a $300 early bird discount if you get it from Cyrusher’s official website.

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