Because of the rising popularity of e-bikes, Chinese bike maker Cyrusher has been extending its global market position. This trend has proven to be a gold mine for numerous Chinese firms, notably Cyrusher, which focuses on adaptability and off-road performance. The company provides a diverse range of bikes, the majority of which are hybrids that combine characteristics ideal for city commuting with rough off-roading.

The Trax, Cyrusher's newest model, is now available in the U.S. market. It stands out thanks to its unique design, as one of the few full-suspension e-bikes with a step-through frame. This design not only gives a comfortable ride, but it also has off-road capability, letting riders explore beyond the beaten path. The Trax has a downhill-style triple-tree fork at the front, which adds to its rugged, off-road-ready appearance. Furthermore, it rides on 26x4-inch fat tires, allowing it to easily conquer all sorts of terrain.

New Cyrusher Trax Is A Rugged Fat-Tire E-Bike With A Step-Through Frame

The Cyrusher Trax comes with a strong Bafang 750-watt rear hub motor, which allows for excellent performance. It has a top speed of 28 miles per hour and provides an exciting riding experience. It also has a twist throttle, allowing users to utilize it as a tiny motorbike when required. The Trax also has a torque sensor, which ensures a smooth and natural pedal feel for a more pleasurable riding experience.

The European variant of the Trax, on the other hand, has different motor specs. It is powered by a 250-watt motor and does not have a throttle. This arrangement is intended to comply with European e-bike laws, which usually have tighter power limitations and prohibit the use of throttles.

The all-terrain e-bike has a 20-Amp-hour battery that gives assistance for up to 56 miles.  The Trax has a built-in smart color 3.7-inch LCD screen for easy monitoring of your trip. This screen provides information such as your speed and battery level and allows you to customize the degree of assistance to your liking. In terms of extras, the Trax has a 250-lumen LED headlight that ensures visibility in low-light situations for a safer ride. It also has 180mm Logan hydraulic disc brakes, which provide dependable and rapid stopping power to improve overall safety and control when riding.

New Cyrusher Trax Is A Rugged Fat-Tire E-Bike With A Step-Through Frame

The Cyrusher Trax e-bike can be purchased for $2,799 USD. It's now available in white, blue, and orange color variants. A new gray variant is also available for pre-order, with delivery scheduled for early August. For more information on the Trax and other models in Cyrusher's inventory, please visit their official website, which can be found below.

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