Bafang, a China-based leading manufacturer of electric bike motors, has introduced a new 3-speed automated gear hub designed to make riding electric bikes more convenient on a daily basis. It has a wide range of interoperability and, according to Bafang, may also be used on non-electric bicycles. It was, however, created particularly for use with urban, hybrid, and cargo electric bicycles.

The new hub has three gears to accommodate the needs of urban cyclists, and the best gear is chosen using an embedded sensor that gauges a bike's wheel speed. According to Bafang, the integrated clutch system enables incredibly accurate and smooth changes even when the bike is under load, which should result in a more natural and fluid pedaling motion. The system may be installed on a full-size, compact, or foldable electric bike, according to Bafang, and it is compatible with chain and belt-driven systems, with Gates' new carbon belt drives in particular being mentioned.

Bafang’s New Automatic 3-Speed Transmission Looks To Simplify E-Bikes
Bafang’s New Automatic 3-Speed Transmission Looks To Simplify E-Bikes

The internally geared hub's design also eliminates the need for cables and gear shifters, which, according to Bafang, will make maintenance simpler, less frequent, and more affordable. The new gear system can be operated by motors that provide up to 80Nm torque in order to accommodate the largest range of use cases, according to Bafang, making it ideal for city and hiking use as well as for heavily loaded cargo ebikes.

Additionally, it is compatible with electric bike motors with a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour (20 miles per hour). The newest technology from Bafang is indeed impressive, but it is not without some drawbacks. The new three-speed system won't be adequate for some of Bafang's more potent motors, or for electric bicycles intended for more athletic use, to start. However, it will be compatible with the majority of the company's motor range in addition to Bosch and Brose mid-drive motors, which make up the majority of the electric drive market.

As mentioned earlier, Bafang's new three-speed hub gearbox is intended to function with both conventional chain drives and alternative belt drives. Belts made by companies like Gates Carbon Drive are gaining popularity as a mid- to high-end electric bike component. Additionally, Bafang's new automatic gearbox is perfect for people seeking a much cleaner, sleeker image, especially with city cruisers and hipster retro-style commuters, because it is also compatible with non-electric bikes.

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