We’ve seen a lot of automakers and motorcycle manufacturers venture into the world of electric bicycles in recent years. Companies like Porsche have invested heavily in e-bike projects, while brands such as Ducati and Yamaha have impressed with their performance-oriented electric mountain bikes. This time around, it’s Honda who’s shown a keen interest in the e-bike world, as evidenced by its recent showcase in the Japan Mobility Show.

Honda is no stranger to the world of electric mobility, it has a wide assortment of hybrid vehicles, electric cars, and small electric scooters. As such, venturing into the world of electric bicycles should prove to be an easily achievable task, right? Well, judging from the specs of what Honda showcased at the Japan Mobility Show, it sure looks like Honda wants to do battle with some of the biggest names in the e-MTB game. Although still really just a concept at this point, the Honda e-MTB Concept is equipped with all the features a die-hard e-MTB enjoyer would come to expect.

Honda e-MTB Concept

From a styling perspective, it’s clear to see that the Honda e-MTB Concept borrows a lot of styling cues from the world of motorcycles. It features a full-suspension frame with downhill geometry accentuated by a slack head angle, low saddle, and sloping frame. The frame itself appears to boast a monocoque design, while the rear swingarm looks like a single piece of aluminum – similar to what we find in high-performance motorcycles. Although Honda has yet to confirm the bike’s powertrain, multiple sources suggest that the bike will be powered by that of the German company Brose.

On top of that, the bike is rocking a slew of upmarket components such as a Sram Eagle AXS drivetrain, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and even a portable fast charger allowing you to cover long distances and embark on multi-day adventures.

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that Honda’s e-MTB Concept is exactly what it is: a concept, and that Honda has not announced when or if at all, this bike will come into existence. It does, however, envision the model to be part of a “sustainable and family-oriented” lifestyle – buzzwords that often accompany the launch of electric bicycles of today.

Honda e-MTB Concept
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