A fleet of nine Tesla Cybertrucks was recently spotted at Giga Texas, perhaps hinting at an upcoming delivery event.

Tomorrow, Tesla will announce its Q3 2023 earnings and some suspect that a Cybertruck delivery event will be announced during the call after the earnings release. Though this is pure speculation, Tesla has most recently targeted October for the first Cybertruck deliveries. This is after several previous delays, however.


But this sighting of nine Tesla Cybertrucks, including one that is completely uncovered, does suggest that perhaps something is up. The images and accompanying video come to us via Joe Tegtmeyer's fabulous drone flyover. Tegtmeyer adds:

Gigafactory Texas on 16 October 2023! This is where Model Y’s and Cybertruck production happens! ... we do see nine Cybertrucks in the outbound lot today and an additional 7 near the crash testing facility. Most of the Model Y's on site today are in the outbound lot, which also is getting what appears to be a new trailer and tent complex on the southwest corner, possibly as part of the End-of-Line extension to prepare vehicles for shipping.

The Cybertruck has been making the news more and more often these days. Sightings seem to be almost a daily event now. Although we don't have any new info on specs, pricing, production capacity, and so on, we do have some estimates from analysts on production. One analyst suggests that Cybertruck production could hit 260,000 units annually by 2025. However, that figure is well below the up-to-500,000 annually that Musk predicted in the past.

If past delivery events from Tesla predict the future, we'd expect just a handful of Cybertrucks to initially be handed off (most likely to Tesla employees only) as the automaker gets the electric truck out into the real world for more testing and focuses on ramping up production volume.

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