Outdoor and sports retail giant Decathlon has a wide selection of bicycles in its roster. Spread across multiple price points, Decathlon’s bicycles cover all disciplines ranging from commuting, to road cycling, and mountain biking. Much more recently, the brand has entered the e-bike space, also with different offerings catering to different types of riders.

That being said, Decathlon has teased its newest cargo e-bike offering that’s designed to transport you and your kids with ease and comfort. It’s called the F900E Velo Cargo, and it boasts the ability to replace your car on daily trips around town. While e-bikes have long been touted as car replacements for journeys within the city, the F900E Velo Cargo takes this a step further by boasting the ability to carry not one, not two, but three kids via a large platform in the front. There’s even an integrated hood to keep your youngsters dry in the event of rain.

Decathlon Expected To Launch New F900E Velo Cargo E-Bike Soon

On the technology side of things, the F900E Velo Cargo flaunts a robust-looking frame, presumably made out of aluminum. The front platform designed to carry kids also has built in seatbelts for extra safety. As for the bike’s performance, it’s rocking a mid-drive motor, although the specifics regarding performance and top speed have yet to be disclosed. What we do know is that the rider’s pedaling inputs, as well as the assist generated by the motor, will be sent to the rear wheel via a chain drive with derailleur gears. It’s also expected that there will be multiple assist levels for a more optimized riding experience.

Judging from the images, it looks like the battery will be housed at the bottom portion of the frame, right in front of the motor. Like the motor, its specs have yet to be confirmed, but chances are it’ll be a removable unit that can be conveniently charged both on and off the bike. On top of that, the F900E boasts adjustable handlebars and saddle for a more comfortable and ergonomically efficient riding position.

Decathlon Expected To Launch New F900E Velo Cargo E-Bike Soon
Decathlon Expected To Launch New F900E Velo Cargo E-Bike Soon

Apart from hauling your kids from A to B, the F900E Velo Cargo is also meant to carry groceries and other stuff. It comes standard with a rear luggage rack for this duty. Other convenient amenities include a set of mudguards, a center stand for stability when loading cargo, built-in lights, and a rear-wheel lock for security. There’s also a smartphone holder to make it easier for you to navigate with your preferred GPS apps.

As of this writing, Decathlon has yet to confirm pricing for the new F900E Velo Cargo. That being said, it’s expected to carry a retail price south of 4,000 Euros, or about $4,200 USD, in order to remain accessible to a wider user base.

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