Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tested the upcoming Cybertruck's performance-oriented variant, and said "it kicks ass next-level."

Musk's colorful comment actually served as confirmation that Tesla is working on a performance Cybertruck, suggesting it will be more impressive to drive than the regular Cybertruck.

But what are we talking about in terms of powertrain? Tesla has not provided information on this front yet, but rumor has it the performance Cybertruck features the same tri-motor setup as the Model S and Model X Plaid.

A source who claims to have test-driven the Cybertruck performance model this week has shared impressions about the electric truck on social media, and among the things he said is the fact the performance Cybertruck will borrow the powertrain from the Model X Plaid.

The leaker talked about his Cybertruck test drive during a Spaces call on X hosted by Tesla investor Yaman Tasdivar and shared by Matthew Donegan-Ryan (via Teslarati), noting that the performance of the tri-motor Cybertruck rivals the Model X Plaid.

As a reminder, the Model S/X Plaid's tri-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrain delivers 1,020 horsepower, enabling a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds (with first foot of rollout subtracted) and a top speed of 149 miles per hour in the Model X Plaid.


Since the Cybertruck will likely be significantly heavier than the Model X Plaid, which tips the scales at 5,390 pounds (2,445 kilograms), it will probably take a penalty in terms of performance. How big that will be is anyone's guess at the moment, but we'd be surprised if the 0-60 time exceeded 3.5 seconds.

As for actual test-drive impressions, the source said the Tesla Cybertruck's suspension felt more comfortable than a Model S or Model X, and that the vehicle feels more luxurious than the Model S/X, with wider, comfier seats. He also described the turning radius as "amazing" and said the frunk has a power open/close feature.

From a practicality perspective, the Cybertruck's frunk is said to be really roomy, with a 5 ft 7 person being able to lay flat in it. The bed does not have HVAC ports, but the mid-gate glass opens, which makes camping in the bed possible with climate control.

Speaking of the bed, it also has three total outlets (240v and 120v) according to the source, and the tonneau cover can be opened or closed from the Tesla app or the Media Control Unit (MCU). The leaker also noted the Cybertruck would offer both bi-directional charging and a 240-volt outlet.

Finally, the source claimed that the Cybertruck delivery event has been scheduled but is yet to be publicly announced. Obviously, none of these bits of information have been confirmed yet, so you should take them with a grain of salt.

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