Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to electric bicycles. With urban cities becoming more and more densely packed, having a bulky means of transportation can prove challenging. As such, the trend now is all about downsizing – both in terms of physical size and weight. JackRabbit is a brand that’s pretty good at this. In fact, it’s been doing this even before it was considered cool, with its tiny e-bike/moped that first dropped in 2018.

Fast forward to today, and the brand has released a new model bearing the same ethos. Dubbed the JackRabbit XG, the old model has been aptly renamed the JackRabbit OG, which continues to be available for the attractive price tag of $999. As for the brand new XG, it’s priced at almost double that at $1,7499.99, but this is easily justified as JackRabbit has thrown in much more performance and range into the XG. Let’s take a closer look.

Tiny JackRabbit XG E-Bike Is Big On Fun And Performance

The latest JackRabbit XG centers on a 6061-T6 aluminum-alloy frame, measuring 53 inches in length. It exudes a classic bicycle aesthetic, featuring a robust top tube housing two battery compartments. These batteries, certified by UL, boast an impressive range of over 20 miles before needing a recharge. The best part? They're remarkably compact and could easily slip into your pocket. Furthermore, their capacity falls below the maximum limit for airline transport, allowing you to conveniently pack your XG and embark on a ride once you reach your destination.

On the performance side of the equation, the JackRabbit XG is powered by a 500-watt rear hub motor. Just like the OG, there are no pedals here, and the bike moves via thumb throttle alone. Nevertheless, the bike is claimed to be capable of climbing inclines up to 12 degrees. Should you find yourself stuck in a steeper incline, you can easily straddle the bike and walk it up the hill alongside the motor.

JackRabbit has equipped the XG with a decent array of technology. It features a user-friendly backlit digital display that provides information on speed, power level, and an odometer to keep you informed. Its sturdy 20-inch all-terrain tires ensure a smooth ride, while reliable stopping power is delivered by front and rear mechanical disc brakes sporting 160-millimeter rotors. The inclusion of integrated lighting enhances safety during your journeys. When it's time to stow it away, the XG conveniently folds flat for storage, and it's fairly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 32 pounds.

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