New images on X reveal how much the Tesla Cybertruck’s adaptive air suspension can raise its ground clearance. The ride height appears substantially different from what we’ve seen so far on routine Cybertruck sightings.

The pictures, shared by photographer and Full-Self Driving (FSD) beta tester Adan Guajardo, showcased multiple Cybertrucks queued up behind a trailer. Most of them had what appeared to be the regular ride height of 12 inches, while one of them was raised. It’s not exactly clear where the X user spotted this model, but it’s likely near Gigafactory Texas in Austin.

CEO Elon Musk said during the 2019 unveiling event that the maximum ride height would be an industry-leading 16.0 inches. That’s nearly double the Ford F-150 Lightning’s ground clearance of 8.4 inches, and the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV’s ride height of 8.9 inches.

Initial specifications indicated that adjustability would be 4.0 inches in either direction. The pictures reveal gaping wheel arches, exposing the air springs, and the Cybertruck appears like a high rider. The additional ground clearance would likely improve its off-roading ability, while the lowest setting of 8.0 inches would improve efficiency and reduce drag, at least in theory.


Musk tweeted in 2020 that the air suspension would be linked to the FSD, indicating that it would adjust automatically depending on the road conditions. He claimed at the time that Tesla was working on increasing the dynamic air suspension travel for better off-roading, and that the Cybertruck needed to "kick butt in Baja."

However, with the latest official specifications still unavailable, it’s unclear whether Tesla has altered the Cybertruck’s ride height after the 2019 unveiling event. With the updated Model 3's global reveal and initial impressions out of the way, all eyes are on the Cybertruck, whose delivery event appears to be imminent.

Recently, a member of the Cybertruck Owners Club shared pictures of the EV’s frunk, giving us the first proper glimpse of what’s under the hood. The frunk appeared to have a low lip, which could make loading and unloading items hassle-free. The adjustable ride height could also help here, with the lowest setting possibly making cargo ingress and egress effortless.

Tesla stated in its Q2 2023 earnings call that low-volume production of the electric truck would begin later this year, while mass production is likely to begin early in 2024. Alongside the updated Model 3, the Cybertruck is among the most awaited models of this year, with a record 1.9 million reservations, and a five-year waiting period for new orders.

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