A rather shaky and blurry video posted online last week shows that the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck will most likely feature a rear screen nestled between the two front seats, similar to what the Model S, Model X, and refreshed Model 3 offer.

Posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum by the user Old Spice on Friday, the 16-second-long vertical video shot during what appears to be a promo shoot while driving off-road, seeing how there’s a video camera mounted on a gimbal involved.

Moreover, three adults are sitting in the back, giving us a rough idea as to what to expect in terms of rear legroom, and it looks like there will be plenty of that in the Cybertruck, with none of the passengers’ knees touching the backrests of the front seats. There’s also plenty of sunlight coming through the side windows and the large panoramic glass roof.


Another interesting detail is a Tesla badged… something lying on the floor, between the feet of the person who filmed the video. Some forum users guessed that it may be a Tesla toolkit of some sort, or a lever for the removable seat support mechanism, although we can’t know for sure.

Tesla Cybertruck rear seat details

With this new sighting, it looks like the only new Tesla model without a rear infotainment screen will be the Cybertruck crossover, at least until it also gets a refresh. The Model 3 got a rear screen with the recently unveiled facelift, while the Model S and Model X got the feature when they were refreshed back in 2020.

In related news, we got our best look yet at the Cybertruck’s front trunk courtesy of a new image shot last week, showing what users can expect from Tesla’s first pickup in terms of front storage.

Revealed in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated all-electric vehicles in recent history, with a reported 1.9 million pre-orders, according to a third-party reservation tracker. It’s expected to debut sometime this month, with Elon Musk saying in the past that there will be a special delivery event in the third quarter.

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