Electric cars are known for their inexpensive fueling and operational costs. However, EVs are still a relatively new technology (at least ones powered with lithium-ion batteries), and like all new tech, they are facing some growing pains. One of which includes more costly and time-consuming repairability.

In the unfortunate event of a collision, electric vehicle repairability costs will likely be higher than that of an internal combustion engine-powered vehicle. This comes via a report from an insurance-adjacent company called Mitchell International.

According to the report, insurance claim costs are usually higher for electric cars. "As it relates to average severity for repairable vehicles, EV costs continue to exceed those of ICE automobiles. For Q2 2023, severity costs were higher for EVs by $963 in the US and $1,328 in Canada," wrote the study.

These values will increase further when the lens is shifted directly at Tesla. American and Canadian Tesla owners who've experienced a collision will likely pay $1,589 and $1,600 more on claims, respectively.

Electric car collision repairs also require 90.75% OEM parts to complete on average, as opposed to 66.50% for internal combustion engine vehicles. EVs also generally have a lower percentage of repairable parts (13.49% versus 19.20%) and a longer paint refinishing time (8.51 versus 8.02 hours).

All isn't negative for electric cars, though. EVs are more likely to remain drivable after a collision. Thanks to having a relatively simple powertrain housed between the wheels, front-end collisions in an EV will be far less disastrous than in an ICE vehicle. The notable exception is rear-end collisions, likely due to the large number of Teslas on the road that house HV components near the rear fender for charging.

Still, EVs are a new technology, and as component production and general awareness increase, these price disparities will naturally decline. The big question is how long it will take for EV repairs to be on par with fossil fuel-powered cars.

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