A Tesla Cybertruck prototype has been spotted during cold weather testing at New Zealand’s Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) with what appears to be a trailer attached to it, making it the first occurrence where the upcoming all-electric pickup is towing something.

The photos, which were posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum by the user Stumby, don’t show the whole trailer but just the part toward the tongue, making it impossible to judge how big the load is.

Furthermore, the spotted prototype has “512” written in blue on the side of the body, which doesn’t seem to mean anything in particular and might just be an internal designation for this particular unit. It’s also the area code for Austin, Texas.

Tesla Cybertruck spied while towing

Tesla Cybertruck spied while towing

Up front, there’s an additional LED light bar mounted on the bumper, presumably for driving at night at the proving ground, but we can’t help but wonder if Tesla will offer it as an official accessory after the Cybertruck goes on sale.

Previously, another prototype was spotted in the same place in New Zealand wearing the “604” number on its side, while another sighting revealed a camouflaged truck with “535” written on it.

“512” was seen once before, possibly on the same vehicle, seeing how it doesn’t have a wrap this time and it didn’t have a wrap the first time it was spotted.

Technical details about the Cybertruck are almost nonexistent now, with the company deleting the powertrain information from its website a while back. However, from the multiple photos and videos shared online, we can make some educated guesses and say that Tesla’s all-electric pickup will be available with all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, an adaptive air suspension setup, and a smaller-than-expected front trunk.

Release candidate (RC) units are already being assembled at the firm’s Texas Gigafactory, with a special delivery event expected to happen sometime in the next quarter, possibly next month, where we’ll likely see the first customer-intent Cybertruck for the first time.

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