Electric cargo bikes have gained significant popularity in Europe, with numerous people now depending on them for their daily transportation needs, some even opting to replace their cars entirely. Notably, these bikes are continually improving in their ability to handle heavy loads while also becoming lighter and more user-friendly. A compelling example of this progress is the introduction of the Finn, a new cargo e-bike model by the German brand VSC.Bike.

VSC.Bike has earned its reputation for B2B cargo bikes, but the Finn represents the brand's first venture into the consumer cargo e-bike realm. Available in both electrically assisted and non-electric versions, the Finn's electric motor-equipped model undoubtedly provides enhanced utility. Powered by the Pendix eDrive IN, known for its impressive 70 Nm torque, the Finn ensures smooth starts even with heavy loads. The gearless direct drive in the rear wheel hub offers three levels of support, while its noiseless and maintenance-free operation.

German E-Bike Firm VSC.Bike Launches The New Finn Electric Cargo Bike

The Finn comes equipped with a 500 Wh battery, cleverly mounted on the side of the frame, resembling a bottle. This battery configuration allows for energy regeneration, extending its lifespan and enabling longer ranges with motor assistance. To keep users informed, the Pendix.bike Pro app offers valuable data on the battery's status and other essential details, enhancing the overall user experience and making it easier to plan and enjoy extended rides with confidence.

The Finn is a versatile cargo bike designed to carry shopping, cargo, and even children. It has a large PVC bag in front of the handlebars and a sturdy rear wheel carrier with a 30 kg load capacity. The bike can carry a total of up to 185 kg while weighing just 30.5 kilograms, making it lightweight for its robust capabilities. Its length of around 2.5 meters ensures it is relatively compact, and the innovative cable steering system enables smooth and maneuverable handling, as claimed by the manufacturer. The Finn is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and practical cargo bike.

German E-Bike Firm VSC.Bike Launches The New Finn Electric Cargo Bike

The electric VSC.Bike Finn comes with several additional features, such as a Shimano Acera RD-M360 seven-speed gear system, powerful 180-millimeter Shimano Deore MT501 4-piston disc brakes, a 40 lux bright front light, and a rear light with a parking light function. As for the pricing, VSC.Bike has not disclosed it, but interested individuals can contact them through a form on their website, accessible via the provided link.

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