Phoenix Arizona-based Pivot bikes has just unveiled its newest all-mountain electric mountain bike perfect for the most diehard of mountain bikers. It’s called the Shuttle AM, and it builds on the previous Shuttle e-MTB by adding a bunch of refinements, lightweight construction, and impressive performance thanks to Bosch motors.

Out of the box, the Pivot Shuttle AM is well equipped to handle even the most technical of trails. For starters, it’s equipped with 29-inch wheels front and back, and across all three variants, sports 148 millimeters of rear wheel travel. Furthermore, a rigid and lightweight ride is guaranteed by full carbon fiber front and rear triangles, with all builds featuring a 160-millimeter suspension fork.

Pivot Unveils New Shuttle AM Electric Mountain Bike

As mentioned earlier, the new Pivot Shuttle AM is offered in three builds, with the lightest Team model reportedly tipping the scales at 47.4 pounds – pretty impressive for an e-bike of this capability. By capability, I mean trail-shredding performance thanks to the integration of the DW suspension linkage specifically designed to prevent the rear suspension from squatting as power is delivered from the mid-mounted motor to the rear wheel. Adding to the bike’s trail capability is a specially designed frame that houses the battery within the downtube keeping the bike’s standover height (and center of gravity) low.

Diving right into the performance features of this new e-bike, Pivot has enlisted the top-tier e-bike motors from Bosch to power the all-mountain e-bikes. The top-spec Team model is fitted with the groundbreaking Bosch Performance CX Race motor that offers 400 percent pedal assistance and an impressive magnesium motor housing. The lower two models are fitted with the regular Performance Line CX motor, though “regular” isn’t exactly a fitting description as these motors pump out 85 Newton-meters of torque.

Pivot Unveils New Shuttle AM Electric Mountain Bike
Pivot Unveils New Shuttle AM Electric Mountain Bike

When it comes to battery tech, the Team and Pro models feature a 750-watt-hour battery pack, while the base Ride model is equipped with a 625-watt-hour powerpack. Regardless of your model of choice, you can cover extra ground by fitting a Bosch PowerMore range extender, which adds 250-watt-hours of juice to your setup.

In terms of pricing and availability, it goes without saying that a top-tier e-MTB like this will set you back a pretty penny. The base Shuttle AM Ride carries a hefty price tag of $8,999 USD. It only gets pricier from here, as the Shuttle AM Pro carries a hefty $11,799 USD price tag, and the top-tier Shuttle AM Team will set you back an eye-watering $13,999 USD.

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