It goes without saying that electric bicycles have opened doors to adventure for a wider audience. By supercharging the bicycle, riders are now able to travel further without exerting themselves too much, making otherwise impossible trips on a regular bike a walk in the park. Today, electric bicycles continue to push the bounds of what we thought was possible when it came to cycling.

For example, bike camping was something that was reserved for the diehard outdoor adventurer with envious athleticism and physical strength. The introduction of e-bikes into the mix has made bike camping sort of like overlanding – more accessible to a wider audience, and in some cases, a family friendly affair. That being said, this new bike camper called the Hupi trailer seeks to make bike camping even more comfortable, as it’s quite literally a house you can tow with your electric bicycle.

New Hupi Trailer Seeks To Redefine E-Bike Camping

I mean, just look at it. From a design perspective, the Hupi trailer looks like something you’d find attached to the back of a van or pickup truck, and certainly not an e-bike. Nevertheless, e-bikes of today, especially powerful cargo bikes, are more than capable of towing impressive loads thanks to their torquey motors. On top of that, the Finnish designer responsible for the Hupi trailer, Urpo “Upi” Merranmaa, has engineered the camper to be light and compact.

The entire camper weighs in at 70 kilograms, which means it can very easily be pulled by hand when not in use. It attaches to a wide selection of electric bicycles through a universal hitch solution, so you won’t have any compatibility issues with it. On the inside, the Hupi trailer makes smart use of its limited space. Although it isn’t tall enough for an average human being to stand up inside, it gets a desk integrated onto the wall, allowing you to sit upright as you work or simply enjoy the view of your scenic destination. When it’s time to get some rest, a foldable bed can be deployed, taking up the majority of the space in the trailer.

New Hupi Trailer Seeks To Redefine E-Bike Camping
New Hupi Trailer Seeks To Redefine E-Bike Camping

Overall, it's clear to see that the Hupi trailer’s design is incredibly simple yet effective. That said, it can be decked out with amenities for even longer trips out of town. For example, an electrical system can be installed, consisting of 250-watt roof-mounted solar panels, as well as an onboard battery that can provide power for your gadgets, as well as charge your e-bike when not in use. The Hupi can even be fitted with a propane stove, portable gall, skylight, and even a television, for those really looking to go off the grid.

Naturally, a mobile home of this nature is by no means cheap, and prices for the Hupi trailer start at 5,990 Euros, or about $6,700 USD. If you’re completely new to e-bikes, and don’t have one in your garage, you can opt for a package deal with the Hupi trailer which includes an e-bike already fitted with all the accessories needed to tow the camper.

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