Ben owns a Tesla Model 3 Performance, and he emphasizes the fact that he loves the electric car. He's even willing to highly recommend the EV, but wants you to understand that, just like every new car, it's not perfect. Hopefully, if you do decide to move forward with a Model 3, you'll love much more than you hate.

In the video above, Ben highlights six "problems" with the Tesla Model 3, some of which he says may apply to all Tesla's models. While some of Ben's highlights may actually be seen as true problems by other car shoppers, some are really just opinions or based on personal preference.

So what does Ben dislike about the Model 3?

The Model 3 has low ground clearance. While this may be expected of a sporty sedan, Ben says it has caused him issues on occasion, so keep it in mind if it's something that bothers you.

As you've probably heard, the Model 3 has weird door handles. Make sure you check one out and test drive it to get acquainted. Just realize that you will likely get used to it over time.

Ben says that even on the least sensitive setting, the Model 3's forward collision warning system is too sensitive. While the feature may save your life, and a lot of money, it can get annoying.

As far as Tesla Autopilot is concerned, Ben likes the feature overall. However, he's unhappy with the excessive phantom braking. He talks at length about Autopilot and other related problems in the video.

Finally, the Tesla Model 3's automatic wipers don't work very well and the EV has a very loud fan.

After you've had the opportunity to read the article and check out the video, scroll down and leave us a comment. Do you agree with Ben? Can you point out any other areas where the Tesla Model 3 could use improvement?

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