Recent additions to the electric bicycle market have staked the hefty claim of being able to replace your car on a daily basis. While for the most part, a capable electric urban bike can indeed get this job done, there are other electric bikes that go way beyond just offering an alternative means of mobility. A good example of this is the new Stoker from California-based electric bike maker Xtracycle.

Instead of offering a replacement for your car on a daily basis, the Stoker goes far beyond that by offering an adventure in and of itself. For starters, Xtracycle claims that the Stoker is off-road capable. That said, the definition of the term “off-road” has many meanings. For the die-hard mountain biker, off-road means tackling some technical singletracks with some jumps in between – this isn’t what the Stoker's definition of off-road is. Perhaps, a more gradually inclining gravel road with flowing turns is better suited for this bike.

New Xtracycle Stoker Is A Rugged E-Bike With An Impressive Cargo Capacity

While the Stoker’s off-road capabilities are cool and all, there are lots of other e-bikes in the market that offer similar capabilities. Where the Stoker really stands out is in its cargo-hauling capabilities. According to the company, it can carry up to two passengers and a rider, provided they’re small enough to sit on the rear rack. This impressive hauling capabilities are thanks to the robust chromoly frame, which still somehow manages to keep things relatively lightweight at just 64.1 pounds – impressive for a bike that can haul up to 400 pounds of cargo.

As for the components that make this bike a bicycle, the Xtracycle Stoker boasts several impressive features. It comes with 24×2.4-inch tires and 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring stability and excellent braking power. One of its standout components is the Shimano STEPS EP-8 motor, which provides reliable and efficient assistance. Paired with a 630Wh battery, the Stoker offers a range of approximately 30 to 60 miles, depending on various factors. With a top speed of 20 miles per hour on pedal assist, the Stoker doesn’t have a throttle, emphasizing the focus on pedal-assisted power.

New Xtracycle Stoker Is A Rugged E-Bike With An Impressive Cargo Capacity

In addition to its impressive features, the Xtracycle Stoker stands out for its versatility as it boasts compatibility with a wide range of accessories. It offers various intuitive configurations for securely mounting cargo onto its spacious rear rack. For a closer look at these configurations and accessories, click the link to Xtracycle's website below for more detailed information. The bike is priced at $4,999 and can be shipped either fully assembled or in a more compact form for home assembly.

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