Whyte Bikes, founded in 1999, received a significant push in 2021 thanks to a partnership and investment from UK business Cairngorm Capital Partners LLP, which not only strengthened their financial position but also drove their development efforts. Whyte Bikes recently presented their latest prototype eMTB as proof of their development. Dubbed the E-Lyte 140 Works, this top-tier e-MTB is shaping up to be quite the impressive machine.

Whyte Bikes Showcases Its New E-MTB Prototype At Eurobike 2023

Whyte Bikes already has an impressive selection of e-bikes, and it's clearly expanding its offerings to include lightweight, mid-torque, full-power trail e-bikes. The upcoming E-Lyte 140 Works is based on the revolutionary Bosch SX motor technology. We've already discussed Bosch's newest technology, which is intended for lightweight, performance-oriented e-bike applications. Nonetheless, it delivers an impressive 55Nm of torque and 600 watts of peak power. The core battery on the new bike will be 400 Wh, with an optional range extender available to expand the capacity to 650 Wh.


The new bike will have a 140mm suspension fork with 130mm of travel in the back. Furthermore, a more rugged version with 150mm in front and 140mm at the back is also expected to launch. On top of that, the lower shock mount has a flip chip that allows riders to select between high and low bottom bracket settings. For those who want to use mixed wheel sizes, an aftermarket shock link is available. Although the bike is originally intended for a 29er platform, the link option allows for a mullet setup, which provides additional rear end nimbleness.

Whyte Bikes Showcases Its New E-MTB Prototype At Eurobike 2023

Recognizing the prevalence of rainy weather on UK trails throughout the year, Whyte Bikes places a high priority on ensuring its bikes can handle such harsh weather. The E-Lyte 140 Works is no different. Whyte emphasizes that each component is completely sealed, successfully protecting the bike's delicate electronics from water, dirt, and grime. All bearings are phosphate treated and filled with marine grease to increase longevity and resistance to wear. Furthermore, Whyte adds confidence by providing a lifetime pivot bearing guarantee – quite a hefty claim, given the harsh conditions this bike will surely see.

We should expect the whole bikes to include full-length dropper posts, four-piston brakes, and 800mm handlebars, just like the technology seen in comparable bikes. While limited numbers of the bike are scheduled to be available for purchase in December, full availability is anticipated in early Spring 2024.

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