Polestar announced that its global electric car deliveries during the second quarter of 2023 amounted to approximately 15,800 units.

That's 36 percent more than a year ago and the second-best quarter ever. Polestar noted that the positive result was achieved thanks to strong deliveries in the month of June (up 73 percent year-over-year, without providing an exact number).

Polestar BEV sales last quarter:

  • Total: approximately 15,800 (up 36% year-over-year)

Polestar Electric Car Sales - Q2 2023

* some data are estimated

So far this year, Polestar delivered nearly 28,000 electric cars to customers, which is almost a third more than a year ago.

Polestar BEV sales YTD in 2023:

  • Total: approximately 27,900 (up about 32% year-over-year)

Polestar recently announced that it "is on track to deliver 60,000-70,000 vehicles in 2023,", which sounds like the company is lowering its guidance by 12.5-25 percent from the initial target of about 80,000 units. To achieve the updated goal, the second half of the year must bring more than 40,000 sales.

"With record global deliveries of around 27,900 for the first six months, Polestar is on track to deliver 60,000-70,000 vehicles in 2023."

For reference, in 2022, Polestar sold some 51,500 electric cars (up nearly 80 percent year-over-year). At the time it was noticeably less than 65,000 units in the original target (lowered by 15,000 due to supply constraints).

In the near future, Polestar results to be enhanced through the introduction of an upgraded Polestar 2 model with a longer driving range, as well as over 20 new permanent Polestar Spaces.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said:

“As expected, deliveries have continued to gather pace from month to month, resulting in a record second quarter. I’m confident this trend will continue into the seasonally stronger second half of the year, which will also see the first deliveries of our significantly upgraded Polestar 2, with up to 22% longer range.

“More than 20 permanent Polestar Spaces are planned to open over the coming months, as we expand our footprint and shift from temporary locations into larger facilities that can accommodate our growing line-up. I'm really pleased that the first Polestar 3 display cars will be arriving in our Spaces in the coming weeks.”

Later this year, in late 2023/early 2024, the company might get a real boost with the launch of the all-new Polestar 3, which will be locally produced in the United States.

Gallery: 2023 Polestar 3

Polestar's lineup is expected to consist of multiple BEV models in the coming years:

  • Polestar 1 - initial, low-volume, flagship PHEV
  • Polestar 2 - current BEV, based on Volvo's CMA platform
  • Polestar 3 - performance SUV
    (production start in 2023)
  • Polestar 4 - performance SUV coupe
    (expected in 2023/2024)
  • Polestar 5 - performance 4-door GT, based on the Precept concept car
    (expected in 2024)
  • Polestar 6 - 2+2 hard-top convertible, based on the Polestar O2 concept car
    (expected in 2026)
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