Switzerland-based (small) car manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems recently announced it produced its 1,000th urban vehicle.

Startup Micro Mobility Systems started production of its Microlino last June at its Italian factory, and it received quite positive reception. From its BMW Isetta-inspired looks to its quirky nature, people are inquisitive about the tiny EV. 

The Microlino prides itself on offering a fun car primarily designated for city habitats. It seats two adults along with “three beer crates,” according to the brand. Micro Mobility Systems outfits its vehicles with three battery options: 6.0, 10.5, and 14.0 killowatt-hour battery packs. They offer respective WLTP ranges of 91 kilometers (57 miles), 177 km (110 miles), and 230 km (143 miles) on a single charge. However, don’t expect to test these range figures at freeway speeds— its top end is just 56 miles per hour. 

The Microlino sends out its power with a 12.5kW (17 hp) electric motor. The automaker says this setup allows it to reach 31 miles per hour in five seconds. The total package starts at €17,990, and its initial run of Pioneer Series examples goes for a pricier €22,990.

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While its price doesn’t seem that bad for a car, it isn’t one. Instead, the Microlino is classified as a quadricycle, meaning it has much softer regulations than a traditional car. This helped Micro Mobility Systems bring out the Microlino to market more promptly. Nonetheless, it’s a safer and more versatile alternative than a motorcycle.  

With 1,000 units produced, Micro Mobility Systems will begin traveling downstream in the Microlino lineup with its entry-level options. Once production begins to ramp up more, this will be an opportunity for more reservation holders to get behind the wheel of a Microlino. 

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