Human Horizon’s EV brand, HiPhi, is set to begin European deliveries this fall. HiPhi is a China-based automotive manufacturer building electric cars with premium tags. Their catalog includes a 204.7” long SUV called the X, a 198.3” sedan called the Z, and a recently-announced 194.4” crossover dubbed the Y. With vehicle names seemingly inspired by the three spatial dimensions, HiPhi has a somewhat comprehensive lineup, given the company isn’t even a decade old.

The firm is currently delivering the X and Z models in China, though HiPhi is building out its infrastructure of retail locations to sell them in Europe. HiPhi is presently on track for European deliveries starting this fall. HiPhi is targeting Germany and Norway first for the initial launch and has just released pricing for those markets.

The HiPhi X was the company’s first vehicle offered, and it’ll start at €109,000 (1,164,000 Kr) for the six-seat variant and €123,000 (1,326,000 Kr) for the four-seater. The X has gullwing-esque rear doors and an interior full of luxury amenities. It is powered by a 97kWh battery pack mated to dual 220kW electric motors mounted on each axle. HiPhi says it should take just 3.9 seconds to reach 62 mph from a standstill.

On a full charge, the X can travel 460 km (286 miles) on the WLTP cycle. Using our WLTP to EPA cycle correction factor, the X would likely have an EPA rating of around 234 miles. While it is a big luxury SUV, sitting 3.9 inches longer than the Rivian R1S, it doesn’t seem very efficient, at least on paper.

For the Z, HiPhi says it’ll start at €105,000 for the five-seater and €107,000 for the four-seat variant. The Z features an incredibly distinctive design, appearing as if it’s straight from Cyberpunk 2077. With sharp proportions and innovative angles, no other cars on the road look like HiPhi’s sedan.

Matching the design language is a compelling powertrain. With a hefty 120kWh battery pack and dual motors producing 494kW, the HiPhi Z can sprint to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds. The Z is rated at a more substantial 555 km (345 miles) on the WLTP cycle. Borrowing InsideEVs’ aforementioned correction factor, the Z should go around 283 miles on the EPA cycle.

“The HiPhi X established itself as the best-selling luxury EV in China, and the HiPhi Z has also been extremely well received. Now comes the first opportunity for European customers to find out why the cars have made such a phenomenal impact,” HiPhi co-founder and CTO Mark Stanton said in a press release.

“Their unique combination of luxury and advanced technologies brings buyers in Germany and Norway an entirely new driving experience. And this two-market start forms a perfect launch pad for us to extend our operations across the continent, with the aim of covering main European countries by 2027.”

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