The Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB is an important model for VW Group of America for several reasons. 

For starters, it marks the return of the Bus stateside 20 years after the T4 generation EuroVan people carrier was retired from North America without being replaced.

It's also important because the ID. Buzz LWB marks the reinvention of a brand icon for the electric age. The Volkswagen Type 2 – better known as the Bus or Microbus in the United States – helped put the marque on the map in North America following its great success in the 1960s.

Last but not least, the ID. Buzz LWB spearheads the brand's all-electric ID. family, acting as a flagship for Volkswagen's lineup of electric vehicles. In that respect, it has to set an example.

So, what is there to say about the long-wheelbase ID. Buzz that hasn't been said already about the standard-wheelbase version on sale in Europe since 2022? Well, quite a lot actually, as these videos from our friends over at the Out of Spec Reviews and State of Charge YouTube channels show.

Kyle Conner had the opportunity to check out the ID. Buzz LWB from up close and there are many interesting details worth pointing out – some of which are exclusive to the US. Interestingly, Kyle says that almost every problem he had with the standard ID. Buzz sold in Europe has been fixed for the US market.

Gallery: US-Spec 2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB

For example, the 10-inch longer wheelbase means there's now more space for up to seven passengers and their luggage, the bigger battery translates into longer range – Volkswagen expects about 260 miles EPA for the RWD model – the more powerful rear electric motor gives it more oomph, and the gigantic glass roof contributes to an airy cabin.

We won't get into technical specifics – our debut article and these videos have all the details – but we will say the US-spec VW ID. Buzz LWB comes with several gimmicks that make it stand out from the standard variant.

For starters, it gets an illuminated front badge, something the Euro-spec model doesn't get because of legislation. Then the US model also gets a lot of standard equipment that's only optional – or not even available – in Europe. 

Highlights include the front seats with massage and new seat air conditioning, heated front and outer second-row seats, heated steering wheel, standard third-row seats that can be completely removed when needed (they're optional in Europe), illuminated touch sliders for functions such as temperature and volume settings, 30-color ambient lighting, power sliding rear doors and tailgate, as well as power sliding windows on the rear doors.

The latter is an exclusive feature of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB enabled by the longer sliding doors, and as you can see in Out of Spec Reviews' video, it's a really cool piece of kit. Check it out and much more in the videos embedded at the top and bottom of this page.

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