Tesla has seemingly resumed testing on public roads of the facelifted Model 3 also known as Project Highland, after a pause of several weeks, according to a series of Tweets posted by avid Tesla enthusiast The Kilowatts, who spotted a camouflaged prototype on the roads of California yesterday.

The new photos (embedded below) confirm that the revamped Model 3 will have redesigned headlights and rear lights, as well as a rear diffuser similar to the one found on the Model S Plaid.

The headlights appear to be the same as on the prototype shown in the infamous leaked image from a while back (also embedded below), while the rear lights seem to have a different interior arrangement – the turn signal light is vertical on the camouflaged prototype, while the current series-production model has a horizontal LED line.


Additionally, the black Tesla Model 3 Project Highland mule has the updated side cameras used by the company’s latest Hardware 4 Autopilot computer – the same as those spotted on finished Model Y, Model S, and Model X vehicles. Until now, the Model 3 has never been seen with these new cameras in the wild, so it might be that the Austin-based EV maker will wait until the facelift debuts to deploy the new driving assistant system on its entry-level model.

Interestingly, the covered prototype spotted yesterday by The Kilowatts seems to be the same one that was photographed several times before, seeing how the manufacturer's license plate is identical to the one seen in older photos, including the one showing the vehicle’s updated steering wheel.

Rumors said that the updated electric sedan would make an official appearance in Shanghai, as part of Elon Musk’s visit to China, but that never happened, so we’ll just have to wait and see when Tesla reveals the facelifted Model 3 to the world.

It’s clear, however, that the American EV brand is actively working to finish the vehicle, and Musk has said during the last shareholder meeting that the company is building two new products, hinting that the new sedan, as well as the upcoming Cybertruck.

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