Tesla has revised its recently reintroduced referral program and is offering extra perks for both those looking to buy a new EV through a referral link and referrers.

Now, when opening the “loot box” in the official Tesla mobile app, prospective buyers will see that they can get $1,000 off the purchase price of a new Model S or Model X, as well as three months of the so-called Full Self-Driving feature, which normally costs $15,000 to purchase.

Additionally, those who buy a Model 3 or Model Y through a referral link get 1,500 loot box credits, which can then be used to redeem Supercharger miles, items in the online store, and entries in the Cybertruck raffle. These offers are valid if orders are placed before June 30, 2023.


Referrers get 20,000 credits when their link is used to purchase a Model S or Model X, and 2,000 credits after somebody buys a Model 3 or Model Y.

Tesla is also offering three years of unlimited free Supercharging for new Model S or Model X owners who take delivery of their EVs between April 20 and June 30. In other words, it looks like the American electric car brand is seemingly trying to push as many Model S and Model X vehicles before the end of the quarter.

The Austin-based company has recently stopped making right-hand drive versions of these two models, so it’s fair to assume that Tesla is trying to fill a hole with these new incentives for US customers. Moreover, the brand is known for adopting all sorts of sales tactics to sell as many cars as possible toward the end of a quarter.

It makes sense that Tesla is offering more perks for prospective customers of the Model S and Model X, seeing how they both have starting prices exceeding $80,000. At the same time, the Model Y – which was the best-selling car in the world in Q1 2023 – starts at a more reasonable $47,490 before any incentive is applied. Moreover, all variants of the Model 3 sedan are now eligible for the $7,5000 federal tax credit.

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