You could definitely say that bicycles are the go-to vehicles for folks looking to live sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint. However, it's a little known secret that not all bicycles are sustainably manufactured. This is especially true with today's wide selection of bottom-dollar electric bicycles.

Sure, for less than $500, you could get yourself an e-bike that'll have you on two wheels instead of four, maybe two to three days a week. Indeed, this will save you some gas money, get you some sun and fresh air, and yes, could reduce your carbon emissions by a substantial margin. That said, folks looking to double down on the sustainability aspect now have a selection of brands to go to. We've talked about them quite a lot before, but what they have as a common denominator is their repairability, rather than having to replace the entire motor or battery in the event of failure. 

New E-Bike System From Pendix Eyes Sustainability Through Modular Design

Indeed, being able to replace only the defective parts, instead of throwing out an entire, motor, battery, or bike will go a long way in reducing waste, so it's easy to see why a lot of companies are engineering their products for maximum longevity in this manner. Take, for example, German e-bike system specialist Pendix and its new gDrive system. 

By employing a modular system, the design of the drive and motor in the Pendix system grants technicians access to individual parts. This technology allows for the efficient replacement of specific components when needed, resulting in cost-effectiveness and conservation of resources. Pendix ensures the availability of spare parts in the long run through its extensive network of over 1,200 dealers throughout Europe. The integrated mid-motor is manufactured in Germany, with the majority of its components sourced from the facilities of the Johnson Electric Group, of which Pendix has been a part since October 2022.

New E-Bike System From Pendix Eyes Sustainability Through Modular Design

Apart from its modular design, the gDrive motor also features an internal gearbox (hence the "g" at the start of its name). Te gearbox is designed to optimize the efficiency of the motor, allowing the it to provide multiple pedal assist levels without expending energy by spinning faster or slower than necessary. 

Pendix will showcase the new gDrive motor, as well as its other existing offerings during Eurobike 2023 scheduled to take place from June 21 to 25, 2023, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As such, if you happen to be in Frankfurt during those dates, be sure to check them out. 

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