What makes a good electric bicycle? Clearly the answer to that question would vary from person to person. It's precisely for this very reason that there's a multitude of new electric bikes on the market that take on all shapes and sizes. If you funnel down your requirements to meet the needs of a certain demographic, however, then the answer could become a bit less muddled. 

Take, for example, young Gen-Z commuters who live in the confines of the chic, urbanized metropolis. For sure, practicality and reliable performance are essential when it comes to an urban commuter, but when it comes to the stylish rider's hierarchy of needs, performance isn't usually the most important factor. Indeed, aesthetics are equally as important. After all, what good is a lightweight, functional electric bicycle if posting it on Instagram won't return your desired number of likes?

Dutch Specialist Veloretti Presents The Stylish Ivy Two And Ace Two E-Bikes
Dutch Specialist Veloretti Presents The Stylish Ivy Two And Ace Two E-Bikes

Kidding aside, it's clear that e-bikes are fast becoming lifestyle icons, and manufacturers are taking notice of this. The detraction from traditional bicycle styling is concrete evidence of this, and what's even more concrete are the two new models from Dutch e-bike specialist Veloretti. The brand's new bikes, the Ivy Two and Ace Two, embody a minimalist design incorporating technology designed to make the perfect urban rider. 

Diving right into the meat and potatoes, we find some impressive tech in these new bikes. They're both powered by a silent Bafang mid-drive motor with a nominal power output of 250 watts and a torque rating of 65 Newton-meters. The battery consists of a 36-volt, 594 watt-hour battery pack with a claimed range of 60 to 120 kilometers (38 to 75 miles) on a single charge. For a seamless pedaling experience, the bike gets an Enviolo stepless transmission that provides silent and seamless gear changes. 

Creature comforts consist of built in lights from Osram, as well as a brake light and a set of turn signals. Even better, the bike can be synched to your smartphone, and has an intuitive safety feature that sends alerts to your emergency contacts in the event of an accident, or if you happen to find yourself stranded. 

In terms of pricing and availability, Veloretti offers the new Ace Two and Ivy Two for 3,299 Euros each, via their official website. Read more about the two bikes in the link below.

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