Swedish electric boat startup Candela has unveiled the latest version of its Candela C-8 hydrofoil which is the result of a closer partnership with Polestar, the maker of the all-electric Polestar 2 hatchback.

As with the regular, non-Polestar edition of the C-8, the hydrofoil uses the same 69-kilowatt-hour battery pack and charging hardware as the standard-range Polestar 2 to enable a nautical range of up to 57 miles at a cruising speed of 22 knots (25 miles per hour). The top speed is 30 knots (35 mph).

The batteries send electricity to a 75-kilowatt electric direct drive pod motor named Candela C-Pod which is mounted on one of the computer-guided hydrofoils that lift the hull of the boat above the water at high speeds, reducing energy consumption by up to 80 percent compared to traditional motorboats, according to Candela.

Gallery: Candela C-8 Polestar Edition Electric Hydrofoil Boat

The Swedish boatmaker states that when raised above the water, the ride is silent and smooth, without damaging wakes, thanks to its computer-stabilized foil technology.

Setting this special Polestar edition apart from the standard variant are some bespoke design cues like a new solid gray exterior color, specially designed seat upholstery, and hydrofoils painted in Swedish gold.

“Candela’s hydrofoil technology is a paradigm shift for sustainable performance in the marine industry. Like the first time driving an electric car, you instantly feel that this is the future when the boat ‘takes off’ – and now with the special gold details that we so proudly exhibit on our cars,” said Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar.

The Candela C-8 is 28 feet (8.5 meters) long and 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) wide and weighs 3,850 pounds (1,700 kilograms). It can carry up to eight passengers and can charge at up to 11 kilowatts on a 3-phase AC charger, with DC fast charging also available.

The C-8 Polestar edition is sold and delivered by Candela through the Polestar Additionals webshop or Candela’s official website at a starting price of $450,000 (400,000 Euro). The Polestar-powered electric hydrofoil boat is manufactured in Stockholm, Sweden, and deliveries are expected to begin in June 2024.

The two companies started their partnership last year, when a multi-year supply agreement was signed, marking one of the world’s first direct battery technology collaborations between brands from the automotive and marine industries.

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