Tires on electric cars are usually a hit or miss. Whether it's eco-centric tires providing little grip and lots of noise or grippy summer tires negatively impacting range, finding the right tire for your EV might be difficult. Bridgestone is trying to alleviate this convolution with its all-new line of tires made specifically for electric cars. 

Assuming the Turanza EV Grand Touring moniker, Bridgestone's new tires were designed with longevity, comfort, performance and efficiency at the forefront. The tires offer reduced rolling resistance for improved range and long-term durability. The Turanza EV tires are also covered under a 50,000-mile warranty. Moreover, Bridgestone says its tires focus on handling and braking too, especially on wet surfaces.

The Turanza EV Grand Touring tires also utilize the firm's QuietTrack technology, aiming for minimal road noise. Some EV tires are notorious for being quite noisy, and the volume can seem more significant with the lack of an engine's hum. Emphasizing reducing tire road noise is vital, as it enhances the peaceful silence of driving electric.

Bridgestone also touts utilizing sustainable production techniques, such as using rubber derived from recycled plastic bags and bottles. For each tire's rubber compounds, 18% of it is recycled synthetic rubber. 

The tires are currently produced at its facilities in Wilson, North Carolina, and Monterrey, Mexico. The Turanza EV tires are immediately available at retailers across the nation. 

The Turanza EV tires are offered as all seasons for all current Tesla products (Model 3, Y, S, and X) and Ford Mustang Mach-Es. The lineup will expand to thirteen other electric cars next year.

Bridgestone promises a lot with its new Turanza EV Grand Touring tires. Tires made specifically for electric cars that focus on longevity and efficiency while maintaining driving performance will likely attract a large audience. We'll be sure to keep an eye out and try to test out these tires in the real world.

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