If you're thinking it would be strange to cross-shop the Toyota Prius against the Tesla Model 3, consider this. More new EV owners come from Toyota than any other brand. Toyota hasn't had a fully electric car in its lineup until recently, and the bZ4x crossover isn't exactly selling like hotcakes. The redesigned Prius is nicer to look at and a better overall performer than the outgoing model, but it's also expensive and less practical.

The Toyota Prius is a legend when it comes to hybrids, and Toyota has been a clear leader in hybrid technology for years. We don't cover the Prius at InsideEVs because it doesn't have a plug. We do cover the Prius Prime, and, of course, the bZ4x, but those are different stories for a different day.

With that said, rather than offering the Prius with a fully electric powertrain, Toyota brought to market a brand-new generation that's still a gas car. The Japanese automaker worked to make the car a whole lot less polarizing and bland. Instead, it looks sporty and has a significant bump in horsepower, along with well-balanced driving dynamics. However, its rear seats are cramped and there's not as much cargo space as the outgoing model.

The 2023 Prius starts at around $30,000. However, to get it equipped like the base Model 3, you'll want to step up to at least the midrange XLE trim and opt for some add-ons. The one we configured to be much like the Tesla came in at around $34,000. Meanwhile, the cheapest Model 3 will set you back at least $42,000 before any tax credits or rebates. Keep in mind, the Prius isn't eligible for EV tax credits since it doesn't plug in.

YouTube influencer Gjeebs took the time to check out the new Toyota Prius and compare it to the Tesla Model 3. He calls the cars the "GOATS," or the greatest of all time in their respective segments. Gjeebs writes:

"The Toyota Prius is the best selling hybrid ever made and the Tesla Model 3 is the best selling EV ever made. So which one should you buy?"

He spends some time behind the wheel of the new Prius showing off its incredible fuel efficiency before putting the cars next to one another and going into detail about how they compare. Check out the video for all the details and then let us know which car you think is the better buy.

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