In the world of electric bicycles, folding commuters are all the rage thanks to their practicality, compactness, and ease of use. Recent years have, however, ushered in a sub-segment in the folding bike category. I'm talking about folding bikes that retain their compactness, but offer a dash of go-anywhere capability. 

Case in point: the new Star from Chinese e-bike brand Eskute. Priced at just $1,599 USD, the Star is designed to be your ultimate commuter e-bike, with room to spare for adventures on the weekends. The Star is built atop your standard folding bike platform, but boasts fat tires for some off-road capability. The result, however, is a rather hefty electric folding bike that tips the scales at 33 kilograms, which means you're probably going to break a sweat lifting it in and out of the bus, train, or the back of your car. 

On the performance side of the equation, the Eskute Star is powered a Sutto hub-mounted motor. For reference, Sutto is a subsidiary of Chinese e-bike system specialist Bafang. In the case of the Star, it has a 65-newton-meter torque output, giving the bike a top speed of 15 miles per hour. This means it's in compliance with European e-bike legislation, and should be homologated for road use in most European cities. As for the battery, it's packing a 900-watt-hour battery pack giving it a single-charge range of about 75 miles, and a charge time of about eight hours. 

Eskute has thrown in a simple yet effective seven-speed Shimano drivetrain for easy pedaling alongside the electric assist. There's also a handy start-up assist, that makes gaining momentum easier. The motor propels the bike to a speed of four miles per hour, allowing you to gain your footing on the pedals before starting off. 

Eskute's New Star Is A Folding E-Bike With Off-Road Capability

In terms of availability, the Eskute Star is offered in two colors consisting of black and mint green. As mentioned earlier, the bike is priced at $1,599 USD. Apart from the already practical setup, Eskute offers a variety of aftermarket add-ons such as luggage racks and fenders for extra practicality.

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