We've been talking about the Tesla Model Y being one of the world's best-selling cars in 2022 for some time now, and we're almost halfway through 2023. Now, according to new data published by JATO Dynamics, it appears the Model Y was the third-best-selling passenger car across the globe, though other data may show slightly different results.

Figuring out the number of cars sold in the entire world, broken down by model, isn't an easy task. One might think it should be pretty straightforward, and in some cases, it can be. However, it's not all simple. When Tesla is involved, the issue is further complicated since the automaker doesn't break down sales by individual country, except where it's required. It also doesn't break down sales by the individual model in every market.

For these reasons, it's no surprise data is still coming out related to the world's best-selling cars, and it's not all matching up with exacting precision. However, at this point, we've seen enough data to conclude without a doubt that the Tesla Model Y was one of the top-selling passenger cars in the world last year.

When Tesla first brought the Model Y to market, CEO Elon Musk said it would outsell all the EV maker's other models. He also said it could eventually become the best-selling car in the world. Perhaps it will happen this year, or next?

Who knows, but either way, it's incredibly impressive that a pricey EV that just came to market in 2020 is even on the list. Not to mention the fact that it wasn't long ago when Tesla was still considered a newer, startup automaker, and EVs weren't selling all that well. 

JATO’s Global Analyst Felipe Munoz shared:

“It is a historic moment to see a pure electric vehicle not only so close to the top position but also a relatively new brand getting so far in the global ranking, particularly given they are not the most affordable vehicles."

As you can see, the Tesla Model 3 is also on the list, according to JATO. Based on the automotive research company's data, Tesla sold 747,000 Model Y crossovers globally in 2022. Some 44% were sold in China, with 34% sold in the US and Canada, and 19% sold in Europe.

The data shows that Toyota sold 992,000 Corolla sedans and over 1 million RAV4 SUVs to top the Model Y. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 lands in the 10th position, just behind the Ford F-150, with 525,000 sales.

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