Sustainability has always been at the core of electric bicycles. That being said, most e-bike manufacturers out there aren't exactly sustainable when it comes to their manufacturing practices. In recent months, however, we've seen some e-bike specialists integrate recycled materials into their products. One of the latest of which is Rad Power bikes, thanks to a partnership with Redwood Materials. 

Redwood Materials, a company founded in 2017 by former Tesla CTO Jeffrey Straubel, is all about looking for sustainable ways around electric adoption. Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, Redwood Materials specializes in battery recycling technology, having recycled batteries for major automotive brands such as Ford, Toyota, and Nissan. The company also works in partnership with yet another bicycle manufacturer, Specialized, which makes it pretty clear that Redwood is more than capable of recycling performance-oriented e-bike batteries. 

Say Hello To Rad Power’s New City-Focused Electric Bike Range

In the case of Rad Power Bikes, Redwood Materials' technology will be put to good use ensuring that the e-bikes sold by Rad Power enjoy an extended service life. We've talked quite a bit about Rad Power Bikes before, with its rather impressive range of utility-focused and urban electric bicycles. One of the up and coming names in the e-bike industry, the move towards recycled battery tech is certainly something that will be welcomed by the brand's many patrons, while at the same time reducing battery waste. 

The way the partnership works is that customers can bring their used e-bike batteries to Rad Power's retail locations. From there, Rad Power will handle the logistics and send them to Redwood Materials, where the company will work its magic and bring these depleted batteries back to life. There are currently ten retail locations, with the brand setting its sights on expansion in the near future. 

Even better, select Rad Power outlets in California and Washington can also accept old smartphones, laptops, and tablets, as part of Redwood's e-waste collection program. Instead of throwing out used gadgets and having them end up in a landfill, sending them over to be recycled is not only good for the environment, but could also result in more affordable and sustainable products in the long run. 

It's important to note that at present, the arrangement between Rad Power and Redwood Materials is strictly in-store, as lithium batteries – even when depleted – are still considered dangerous goods, as they pose a risk of fire if handled incorrectly. 

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