Fisker announced that its Ocean electric SUV has been officially certified for sale in Europe. The automaker aims to start deliveries of the Ocean One launch edition model in European countries on May 5, 2023.

According to Fisker, the company took a somewhat unique approach with the Ocean, as far as the homologation process was concerned. The automaker worked to have the electric crossover approved for sale in both Europe and the US simultaneously. While a dual homologation process is uncommon, Fisker has been quick in getting the Ocean developed and ready for sale, and it simply made sense to pursue the process in this manner.

Gallery: Fisker Ocean Production Model

While Fisker will begin deliveries in Europe with the Ocean One launch edition, as expected, the automaker claims to have already produced several all-wheel-drive Ocean Ultra and front-wheel-drive Ocean Sport models. The latter is the least expensive option, while the Ultra is a midrange offering. Deliveries of the trims are expected to begin by the end of September 2023.

The company says it has watched demand rise for the electric SUV ever since it announced its 707-kilometer WLTP range. The impressive range estimate applies to the Ocean Extreme, which Fisker says has the longest range of any fully electric SUV for sale in Europe.

It appears Fisker will begin delivering some of the long-range models in Europe, followed by the US, after deliveries of the previously mentioned models are underway. Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker shared:

“The entire Fisker team is excited to get the Fisker Ocean One launch edition to our reservation holders. Our first delivery is expected for May 5. After that, we intend to deliver all Ocean Ones by the end of September while also initiating some deliveries of the Fisker Ocean Extreme, starting in Europe with the US to follow.”

What do you think of the Fisker Ocean? Will history repeat itself for the famous designer, or will this electric SUV prove to be a huge success? Leave us your thoughts and insight in the comment section below.

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