Rivian has released a software update that addresses multiple issues on its R1S SUV and R1T pickup, including a problem that caused the 12-volt batteries to discharge while stationary, potentially locking owners out of their vehicles.

The issue was reported several times on the r/Rivian subreddit, with most cases being resolved after a mobile technician came to the bricked vehicles and reset the 12V batteries.

The Reddit user u/Studovich posted a reply from a Rivian representative who said that the company has identified a bug in a small batch of SUVs and pickups that may result in the low-voltage batteries needing a reset. The full reply is as follows:

“We've identified a bug in a small number of R1T and R1S that may result in the 12V batteries requiring a reset. In virtually all instances where this happens, a mobile technician is able to quickly reset the 12V batteries and restore function to the vehicle without needing further service. So long as the vehicle and occupants are in a safe location, we recommend this mobile service option as it's the quickest way to complete the reset. We've confirmed that this issue is not related to the specific software version running in the vehicle. We're working to address the root issue and expect to mitigate it through a software patch by the end of this week.”

The software patch in question is part of the EV maker’s latest OTA update, which includes several improvements, but also addresses the 12V battery drain issue, with the release notes reading “Fixed a very rare issue that caused an internal loss of communication when turning on a vehicle, which drained the 12 V batteries.”

Rivian’s 2023.10.00 software version also added Tesla Superchargers with the Magic Dock on the Navigation app of the vehicles, as well as in the company’s mobile app (version 1.12 or later). You can read more about the latest OTA update here.

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