The Rivian EDV 500, which is the American company’s smallest commercial electric van, was spotted on a public road covered in camouflage before its debut sometime in the first half of 2023.

Until now, Rivian, as part of its agreement with Amazon, has only delivered the EDV 700 model, which has a 187-inch wheelbase and a storage capacity of up to 660 cubic feet. The 700 sits in the middle of Rivian’s van lineup, with a range of up to 150 miles, and initial plans said there would be two additions to the lineup: a bigger EDV 900 model, capable of carrying 840 cu ft of cargo, and a smaller EDV 500, with a capacity of 500 cu ft. 

While the bigger Rivian EDV 900 hasn't entered production yet, the smaller EDV 500 has now been spotted by the Instagram user kindelauto while stopped at a red light. Compared to the EDV 700, which has a four-segment structure, the EDV 500 can be easily identified by its three-segment bodywork and shorter, 157-inch wheelbase.


The smallest Rivian van reportedly has a driving range of up to 150 miles, which is more than enough for last-mile deliveries, while the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) sits at 9,350 pounds, the same as the EDV 700.

With a massive order of 100,000 all-electric delivery vans from America’s largest retailer, Amazon, Rivian was able to ramp up production of its commercial vehicles, but until now the only model assembled was the middle-range EDV 700.

And while the smaller EDV 500 is clearly on its way to the assembly lines, the fate of the biggest model, the EDV 900, is unclear at the moment, especially since Rivian is reportedly in talks with Amazon to get rid of the exclusivity clause that's stopping the American automaker from selling its delivery vehicles to other customers.

As of November 2022, Amazon had taken delivery of more than 1,000 EDVs, with the retailer saying last month that it delivered over 10 million packages with the electric vans since adding them to its fleet.

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