We're just starting to see reports of Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 11 shipping to some beta testers. However, it looks like most will have to wait even longer, as CEO Elon Musk noted that while it shows major improvements, it's not yet ready for wide rollout.

Tesla owners have been waiting for version 11 for what seems like forever, and every time it appears it's ready to roll, there is some type of setback. Musk has been touting the single-stack software update for many months, and it seemed it was finally ready recently. However, concerns from the NHTSA paused Tesla's rollout of related software updates.

Even before Tesla stopped sending FSD Beta software updates to new customers, the technology updates had started to slow significantly. For a time, Tesla was aiming to send out over-the-air software updates for FSD Beta every two weeks or so. As time moved forward, there were more and more exceptions to that plan, and there has really been very little notable progress over the last several months.

For those unaware, FSD Beta V11 brings together the software stack for city and highway driving. In the past, the highway version was essentially Enhanced Autopilot, and FSD covered city driving, dealing with stop-and-go traffic, stop signs, traffic lights, etc. Going forward, the safety technology will all live as one.

Tesla aimed to release FSD Beta 11 in Q4 2022, and it seemed it was coming around the Thanksgiving holiday. Then, it was expected to be part of Tesla's annual "holiday gift" software update in December. Following that, many beta testers were confident it would be released just prior to the end of 2022. Here we are, and it's March 2023, and it looks like it could be delayed much longer. 

Musk replied to a tweet about the update, claiming that while it's a major "step change" improvement, it needs "another point release of polish" before a wide rollout.


A point release could be something that happens over a short period of time, or it could honestly take another month or more. There's really no rhyme or reason to it, and no way to be sure.

Tesla hasn't provided any sort of expected timeframe, and even Musk – who will often tweet "soon," or "two weeks," or mention some major setbacks that proved much harder than the team expected – hasn't given any indication of what to expect.

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