With the sudden rise in popularity of electric bicycles, especially in Europe, more and more players have joined the game, all of which bring forth concepts that aim to redefine two-wheeled mobility. One such company is a startup called Carl.los, which hopes to usher in a new level of two-wheeled versatility, particularly among today’s on-the-go, highly connected generation.

First announced at Eurobike 2022, the German company is now ready to enter series production of its newest model, the C.1, a compact cargo electric bike. Deliveries of the new model are expected to commence as early as March 2023. Let’s take a closer look at what this bike has to offer, shall we?

German E-Bike Startup Car.los To Release Compact C.1 Longtail Cargo Bike Soon

For starters, the Car.los Compact C.1 has a focus on utility. However, the brand makes it clear that utility is just one of the many benefits the Compact C.1 brings to the table. According to Car.los, the bike is a lifestyle product designed to fit perfectly into the multifaceted lives of its users. First and foremost, let’s talk about its practical features. Its longtail construction provides two main benefits—stability, and cargo-carrying ability. Thanks to the long wheelbase, the bike remains stable at high speeds, whether or not it’s loaded with cargo.

The extended rear end also means that the bike can be configured to carry all sorts of cargo, from your groceries, to packages, and even your kids for the morning daycare drop-off. In total, the bike has a fairly impressive payload capacity of 165 kilograms, including a handy 20 kilograms situated in the front luggage rack in front of the handlebars.

On the performance side of the equation, the Car.los Compact C.1 relies on a Brose Drive T mid-mounted motor. The setup delivers 70 newton-meters of torque—just enough to classify it as a license-free pedelec. As for the power source, the bike is equipped with a dual 522 watt-hour battery pack, although the manufacturer doesn’t disclose any claimed rage figures. Allowing you to pedal seamlessly alongside the electric motor is an Enviolo continuous drive hub. The longtail electric bicycle rolls on 20-inch front and rear wheels, and gets a set of Magura MT5 four-piston hydraulic brakes to help bring it to a stop.

German E-Bike Startup Car.los To Release Compact C.1 Longtail Cargo Bike Soon

As for pricing, we’re looking at a rather premium price tag of 6,000 Euros, or approximately $6,324 USD—quite a hefty sum for an e-bike of this type. Nevertheless, the Car.los Compact C.1 brings a stylish and practical twist to the utility-focused e-bikes of today. There’s even a catalog of accessories that further enhance versatility, such as a foldable stem, a heavy-duty lockable center stand, a rear wheel cover, and passenger footrests.

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