With more and more people realizing the benefits of getting around on two wheels, the introduction of more affordable electric bicycles is certainly more than welcome. This comes in the form of both new and existing models which have been optimized to offer a much more attractive price tag. Take, for example, the bikes from British e-bike specialist Mycle.

The British e-bike specialist has lowered the prices of two of its popular electric bicycles, the Comfort and Cadence e-bikes. Previously, both bikes retailed for 

£1,299 ($1,563 USD). Now, Mycle has dropped the prices to just £999 ($1,201 USD). This undoubtedly opens doors to more folks looking to make the two-wheeled shift, as savings of £300 are certainly nothing to scoff at. This means that Mycle now as three bikes priced under £1,000—the Cadence, Comfort, and Compact.

E-Bike Specialist Mycle Lowers Prices Of Comfort And Cadence Models

In an article published by British e-mobility publication Move Electric, Mycle stated that providing affordable alternative transport is at the core of its goals. “Mycle has always recognised that affordable alternatives are a key part of affecting change on a greater scale. This is why they have worked hard to reduce the cost of a number of its models and offer as many people as possible an alternative to taking the car."

In July, 2022, Mycle officially debuted the Comfort, Cadence, and Charge models—three e-bikes with efficient urban mobility in mind. The Comfort and Cadence, now made more affordable, both feature a 250-watt rear hub motor. The two bikes are differentiated by their frame configuration, wherein the Comfort gets a step-through frame design, and the Cadence is equipped with a more standard step-over frame that's more like a standard bicycle.

E-Bike Specialist Mycle Lowers Prices Of Comfort And Cadence Models

The other main difference between the two bikes is also the larger battery found in the comfort, which has a capacity of 10.4-Ah, and a claimed range of 28 miles. The Cadence, meanwhile, gets a 7.8-Ah battery pack that also offers 28 miles on a single charge. The Cadence can also be fitted with a rear cargo with modest luggage-hauling capabilities, meaning that the bike can both be used for leisure and utility-focused rides. 

Apart from lowering the prices of the Comfort and Cadence models, Mycle has also reduced the price of its Compact Plus model from £1,299 ($1,563 USD) to £1,199 ($1,442 USD); as well as its Charge model from £1,599 ($1,924 USD) to £1,299 ($1,563 USD)—pretty substantial price reductions, all things considered. As of this writing, the bikes are available in the U.K. through Mycle's official website. They all come with a standard one-year MycleCare warranty. 

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