Bell has been the helmet of choice for many motorcyclists and cyclists for decades now. Offering a wide selection of helmets across all disciplines of the two-wheeled world—both motorized and otherwise, Bell Helmets has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in the market. In keeping with advancing safety technology, the company continues to release new helmets adapted to the ever-changing cycling landscape.

The newest helmet in Bell’s arsenal is the Full-10 DH, a full-face helmet designed for downhill mountain biking. It’s designed as the successor to the popular Bell Full-9 helmet, a lid that made its debut nearly a decade ago. The Full-10 takes everything we’ve come to love about the Full-9, and throws in a laundry list of safety features, while making it a versatile helmet designed to protect you on the most technical, high-speed descents.

Another interesting thing to note about the Bell Full-10 DH is that it conforms to the NTA 8776 standard, which is a relatively new safety standard designed specifically to meet the safety needs of e-bike riders. So yes, that means this full-face lid is a solid choice for e-bike riders for both commuting and sporting duties.

Bell’s New Full-10 DH Is An E-Bike-Certified Full-Face Helmet

As for the inner workings of the helmet, Bell relies on the latest technology from Mips—the Spherical Technology, which essentially separates two layers of EPS via a ball and socket design. What this does is absorb and dissipate rotational forces in the event of a crash, possibly reducing the risk of injuries such as concussions and neck injuries. The two layers of foam are also made out of differing densities of material. The outer layer, which is usually the first to hit the ground, especially when traveling at speed, is made of a thicker EPS material. Meanwhile, the inner layer is made of a softer, low-density EPP material designed to absorb heavy impacts at low speeds.

When it comes to cycling helmets, full-face lids tend to be extremely hot. Bell, however, has equipped the Full-10 DH with a slew of vents via its Thermal Exchange Airflow system. Apart from having vents on the shell of the helmet, the interior foam also has ducts that all air to pass through and make contact with your head—similar to how high-end motorbike helmets are constructed. Furthermore, the helmet’s cheek pads are mounted with magnets, making them easy to remove for cleaning. The helmet also comes with two extra sets of cheek pads with differing thicknesses to tailor the fit to your preferences.

In terms of pricing and availability, the new Bell Full-10 DH is offered in four sizes ranging from XS/S all the way to XL/XXL. It retails for $650 USD, and is offered in four colorways and a claimed weight of 1,092 grams in size medium.

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