California-based e-bike firm Himiway recently held a poll to determine which U.S. state its fans wanted the company to make special edition models after. Unsurprisingly, California was one of the states that won the poll, and the other one, which also isn’t really too surprising, is Florida—one of the most colorful states, both literally and figuratively.

What these two states have in common is that they’re generally known for warm, beach-going weather. As such, the two e-bikes stylized to pay homage to these states are both vibrant, colorful, and have a sunny appearance towards them. Both bikes are based on Himiway’s Zebra, a high-power, go-anywhere, fat-tire e-bike capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. The bike is packing a punchy 750-watt geared hub motor mated to a 960-watt-hour Samsung/LG battery pack. Depending on your pedal assist setting, the bike can cover up to 80 miles on a single charge.

As for the bike itself, it’s a tried and tested, adventure-ready e-bike that’s a pretty good all-rounder. Commuting to work on a daily basis, and hitting the trails for adventures on the weekends? The Zebra’s got you covered. Now, with the California and Florida editions, you can hit the road and trails in style, thanks to these vibrant, colorful designs.

For starters, the California edition is designed atop a purple gradient which was inspired by the evening sky over SoCal. Iconic landmarks that have gone on to define Golden State feature prominently on the e-bikes design. For example, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is drawn onto the frame. So, too, is the Venice Beach sunset. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is featured in the bike’s top tube.

Himiway Presents California And Florida Editions Of The Zebra E-Bike

As for the Florida edition, it seems that Himiway tamed down its depiction of the state which has become the subject of memes time and time again. Electrek’s article nearly fooled me into thinking that Himiway actually incorporated some of the meme-worthy aspects of the state into the design. However, what it really displays is an alligator, one of the many animals that depicts Florida’s diverse wildlife. South Beach’s palm trees, as well as orange blossoms also figure prominently in the design. Last but not least, Key West’s Conch Republic is also shown in the Florida edition e-bike.

Himiway Presents California And Florida Editions Of The Zebra E-Bike

As for pricing and availability, the two e-bikes are now available for order through Himiway’s official website. Shipping is expected to begin by the end of March 2023. The bikes are priced at $2,299 a piece—$300 more expensive than the standard Zebra. Furthermore, only 100 of each will ever see the light of day.

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