Those of you who are into bicycles would definitely know that the Netherlands loves its bikes. Over the years, tons of Dutch companies big and small have come to the surface with new and exciting models in the e-bike space. One of them is Gazelle, a brand which some of you may have heard of before. Indeed, the brand is no neophyte in the world of cycling, with more than a century of history under its belt. 

Headquartered in Dieren, a town in the eastern portion of the Netherlands, Gazelle produces around 275,000 bicycles—both electric and non-electric—every single year. One of its most popular electric models is the Ultimate E-Bike, which, for 2023, has been updated with new technology for better efficiency and performance. The Gazelle Ultimate E-Bike is offered in three variants, with each designed with a specific use in mind. Regardless of configuration, the Ultimate comes with either a 500 or 626-watt-hour battery pack housed in the down tube.

Dutch Firm Gazelle Introduces The 2023 Ultimate E-Bike

In terms of technology, the bike is equipped with the Bosch Kiox 300 display, providing a comprehensive view of all the bike's pertinent info as you ride. The motor themselves are also from Bosch, in the form of the Performance Line commuter-focused e-bike systems with a max torque output of 75 newton-meters. Other components include a suspension fork, as well as 50-millimeter cross-section tires enabling you to ride on less-than-perfect road conditions. 

As for the variants, the most affordable one is the Ultimate T10 HMB, which is also the sportiest model on offer. It retails for 3,799 Euros, and is equipped with a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain. It's offered in both 500-watt-hour and 625-watt-hour battery packs, with the latter commanding a 200-euro premium. Meanwhile, the Ultimate C5, which retails for 3,999 Euros. It's equipped with a five-speed hub gear, and a Gates belt drive system. It's offered in a 500-watt-hour battery pack, but for a 200-Euro premium, can be upgraded to a 625-watt-hour battery pack to eke out extra range.

Dutch Firm Gazelle Introduces The 2023 Ultimate E-Bike

Last but not least, the Ultimate C380 HMB is the most premium version, and is equipped with a fancy Enviolo hub gear, providing seamless shifting. It's also packing the same Gates belt drive system which guarantees quiet and maintenance-free operation. It retails for 4,299 Euros with a 500-watt-hour battery pack, and 4,499 Euros with the bigger 625-watt-hour battery pack. 

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