Rivian is once again delaying production and deliveries of R1T electric pickup trucks equipped with the range-topping 400-mile Max Pack battery.

The EV startup sent an email to R1T Max Pack reservation holders informing them that they will receive their updated delivery window estimate in April instead of late February as previously announced.

While previous delays were attributed to production and supply issues, this time Rivian appears to blame a website issue for the delay, more specifically the configurator. Here's the most important passage from the email, courtesy of Rivian Forums.

"We are working hard to get your R1T to you as soon as possible. In January, R1T Preorder Holders with Max pack configurations were told you would receive a new delivery window estimate in late February. Unfortunately, we will need to adjust that timing to April as we continue to make the necessary changes to the configurator so you can choose between the Max pack with standard Dual-Motor or the Max pack with enhanced Dual-Motor."

In the email sent to customers, Rivian also said it will reach out with the new delivery window estimate in April once the website changes are complete. The EV startup reminded order holders who may not be willing to wait any longer for the Rivian R1T Max Pack that they can visit the R1 Shop where new vehicles that are ready to deliver are available.

In late 2022, Rivian told reservation holders it would no longer offer the R1T Quad-Motor with the Max Pack battery, the largest battery pack the automaker plans to offer. At the time, Rivian also said the Max Pack was getting a more energy dense design to pair with the in-house developed Dual-Motor drive system – for which deliveries haven't started either.

Besides the as-yet-unavailable Max Pack battery, Rivian also lists Standard Pack and 135-kWh Large Pack options on its website, although only the latter has been available so far. 

According to the previous update offered by Rivian, the R1T Dual-Motor with Max Pack battery was supposed to start deliveries in spring 2023. We'll learn if that has changed or not in April, when Rivian said it would announce delivery window estimates.

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