Lectric has built quite a name for itself in the U.S. e-bike market thanks to its affordable yet impressively capable electric bicycles. The brand has always been all about providing the most utility and convenience at a fraction of the cost of more expensive two-wheelers from European manufacturers, and indeed, it has been doing just that. 

Even the company's CEO, Levi Conlow is very active in the e-bike community, and is clearly passionate about his work. The result are e-bikes that have been developed with a lot of thought, creativity, and technology, while at the same time being within the reach of most commuters' budgets. The newest model to roll out of Lectric's assembly line is none other than the XPedition, and as the name suggests, it's geared up to be much more than just your city commuter. 


Right off the bat, the Lectric XPedition has versatility in mind. The folks over at Lectric have gone as far as to say that it's the most extensive project to date, and is designed to handle anything and everything from taking the kids to school, handling delivery duty, and even hitting the trails for an advenutre-filled bikepacking trip. For starters, the XPedition is built on a durable platform capable of handling up to 450 pounds—rider, passenger, and cargo included. To handle this much weight, the bike has been fitted with a powerful 750-watt hub motor with a peak output of 1,310 watts and 85 newton-meters of torque. 

Lectric Debuts The Versatile XPedition Electric Bicycle

While there are indeed a variety of powerful e-bikes out there, the Lectric XPedition takes things a step further by throwing in its proprietary Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PWR) system. This means that the motor is able to tailor fit pedal assistance depending on the power setting, instead of limiting speed alone. While this isn't as seamless as a torque-sensor equipped system, it does put a techie spin on the rudimentary cadence sensor-powered system. Powering all these systems is a 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack, with a dual-battery option. Depending on your trim level of choice, you get either 75 or 150 miles of range per charge. 

Last but not least, the Lectric XPedition front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to facilitate confident stopping regardless of how much cargo you're hauling, as well as the terrain on which you're riding. For all this technology, a price tag of just $1,399 for the single-battery option, and $1,699 for the dual-battery option, is certainly more than reasonable. Both variants are now available on Lectric's website, with 14-day shipping currently on offer.

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