Tesla is trying to entice people to buy its more expensive vehicles, namely the Model S sedan and Model X SUV, which aren’t selling nearly as well as the more affordable Model Y and Model 3.

In fact, the two bigger cars’ sales figures are nowhere near the numbers of the Model 3 and Model Y, with Model S registrations in the US barely going over 25,000 units between January-November 2022, while the Model Y passed the 200,000 mark in the same period. 

So, in a bid to change things up a little bit, Tesla is offering a $5,000 increase in trade-in value to owners of older Model S and Model X vehicles who are willing to upgrade to the latest models. However, this offer is only valid for those cars that have unlimited Supercharging enabled, as per the email sent by the EV maker to current owners, quoted by Electrek:

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“As an early Model (S or X) owner, you are eligible to exchange your unlimited free Supercharging miles for an additional $5,000 on your vehicle’s trade-in value when you purchase a new Model S or Model X.”

The offer is also valid for Canadian Tesla owners, who will get an extra $7,000 (Canadian) when they trade in their car. With this being said, however, those who decide to do the switch need to know that they’ll get the extra credit only if they purchase a new Model S or Model X, with the company stating on its website that those buying a new Model 3 or Model Y aren’t eligible for the credit.

And while it’s an interesting offer on Tesla’s side, it’s worth mentioning that Model S and Model X prices aren’t what they used to be. Now, a base Model S starts at $94,990, which is $25,000 more expensive than the roughly $70,000 price tag it carried back in 2013, so a $5,000 rebate might not be the best deal, especially considering Tesla’s history of offering low prices to trade-ins. Plus, those who want to go down this route will have to give up their free unlimited Supercharger access.

What’s your take on this: do you think it’s a good deal? Let us know in the comments below.

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