This week, we have news on Charging in the USA, Hyundai Subscriptions, Nissan Adventures, and Ford: Our Top EV News for the week of Feb 16, 2023.

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Charging in the USA

In a move to address the persistent issue of EV charging, the Biden administration has announced a new set of measures that aim to create a network of government and private charging stations that work with any EV. The plan includes commitments from companies such as Tesla, General Motors, Hertz, and BP to build their own interoperable charging stations that would complement the government's system. 

According to White House Infrastructure Coordinator, Mitch Landrieu, the new standards will make charging an EV as easy as filling up a gas tank, regardless of the car model or location. The plan also includes commitments from Tesla to build a network of at least 7,500 chargers that will be open to all EV drivers by the end of 2024. The administration's goal is to oversee a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2030, as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law that allocates $7.5 billion to EV charging efforts.

Hyundai Subscription

Interested in EVs, but not completely sold on them? Hyundai has a solution. Hyundai Motor America and Hyundai Capital America have jointly introduced their new Evolve+ EV subscription service at the 2023 Chicago Auto Show.

Aiming to provide a flexible and affordable solution to those who want to experience driving Hyundai's EVs without committing to a purchase or long-term lease, Evolve+ offers a month-to-month subscription model. Click to learn more about the subscription.   

Pole to Pole

The Pole to Pole Expedition team and Nissan have jointly revealed the adventure-equipped Ariya electric SUV. The vehicle will embark on a 27,000 km journey from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole, navigating through ice fields, deep snow, steep mountains, and inhospitable desert dunes. The modifications to the Ariya have been kept minimal to showcase the car's real-world capabilities, with the suspension and 39-inch tires being the most noticeable changes. 

With e-4ORCE, Nissan's advanced all-wheel-control technology, and minimal modifications, the Ariya is ready to tackle extreme terrains and provide comfort and control for Chris and Julie on their journey. The expedition will also feature a sustainable coffee espresso machine and a drone that can launch from the roof, as well as a portable, renewable energy unit to charge the EV's battery in polar regions. Nissan, let me know if you need a backup driver. I’m available. 

Ford- The Good and Not So Good

The good news. Ford has announced that it will invest $3.5 billion in building an automaker-backed lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery plant in Marshall, Michigan. The BlueOval Battery Park Michigan will employ 2,500 people when production of LFP batteries begins in 2026. The investment is part of the company’s commitment to invest over $50 billion in electric vehicles globally through 2026, and it will lead to more than 18,000 direct jobs in the US and more than 100,000 indirect jobs.

By adding LFP batteries to its electric vehicle lineup this year, Ford will diversify and localize its battery supply chain in the countries where it builds electric vehicles, improving customer availability and affordability. It will also help Ford to contain or reduce electric vehicle prices for customers.

The not-so-good news. Ford has paused production and shipments of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup due to a potential battery issue, and the company is investigating the problem after a vehicle displayed a potential problem. There is no official timetable for when production will ramp back up, but we know Ford is working on a timely resolution and hopes to resume in a few weeks.

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