American camper trailer company Colorado Teardrops has unveiled its first purpose-built model for electric vehicles. Called The Boulder, it’s capable of recharging your EVs batteries when camping and can also accept DC fast charging itself.

The 12-foot teardrop camper has a 75 kilowatt-hours battery pack embedded into its powder-coated steel frame that can top-up the car’s main battery pack when parked. Dry weight is rated at 2,200 pounds (998 kilograms), which is less than I was expecting – for comparison, the conventional, battery-less Mount Massive trailer from Colorado Teardrops weighs 1,470 lbs (667 kg).

Moreover, the company’s website says that The Boulder can act like a “Powerwall on wheels,” providing energy to not just your EV, but also to your house. Because of this, it can qualify for a roughly $12,000 federal tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Gallery: Colorado Teardrops EV-Specific Camper Trailer - The Boulder

The EV-specific trailer can accommodate up to four people in a fully-insulated cabin with a seating arrangement that converts to a queen-size bed and two bunk beds. It has a body length of 150 inches and an overall length of 195 inches, while the inside cabin width measures 60 inches.

Aircraft-grade aluminum is used throughout the body and the interior cabin is furnished with hardwood, and there are several 110-volt electrical outlets scattered throughout the trailer.

The Boulder has a starting price of $67,000 and there are several options you can choose on top of the standard build, like a 2,000-watt air conditioning unit for $3,250, a propane heater for $2,000, and a water tank with hand pump for $650.

Development is still in progress, but Colorado Teardrops already finished its first prototype for The Boulder and has two more EV-specific models in the pipeline: The Golden, which will be a 17-foot luxury travel trailer with a 125-kWh battery pack, and The Denver, a 27-foot long trailer with 200 kWh of supplemental power.

Check out the official video (embedded at the top of the article) and photo gallery for The Boulder EV camper trailer and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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