Sandy Munro, the automotive engineer who's best known for his teardown videos in which he analyzes in great detail the way modern cars are assembled, appears to be quite fond of the upcoming Aptera Launch Edition solar EV.

In a video posted on Aptera’s official YouTube channel, which is embedded at the top of this article, Munro looks at the renderings of the production-intent three-wheeler and gives his opinion on it, saying that he hasn't had the chance to see it in person yet, but that he's “loving this already.”

Judging the way the chassis looks, he goes on to say that the final version of the Aptera is “better than what [he] was hoping for,” adding that he's really happy with what the company has achieved in terms of the metal extrusions used in the chassis rails.

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This isn't the first time Sandy Munro gave his thoughts on the Aptera solar EV, saying in a previous video that it's “creating a new industry” and that it will make sense even to those who would not otherwise consider buying one.

The Aptera Launch Edition is slated to enter production by the end of 2023, but as the company's founders said during a recent webinar, the company needs an additional $50 million to make this happen.

As for the vehicle itself, it's quite an interesting one, with solar panels mounted on its body that can produce roughly 700 watts of power on a sunny day, adding up to 40 miles of range.

With a starting price of $33,200, the Aptera Launch Edition has an all-wheel drive system with a total power output of 128 kW, an estimated range of 400 miles, and can sprint to 60 mph in 4 seconds.

With this being said, Aptera plans to launch more versions of its electric three-wheeler, with the cheapest one going for an estimated $25,900, while the most expensive variant will have an almost $50,000 price tag.

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