The Somerset Police Department in Wisconsin decided to choose a Tesla Model Y as one of its new patrol cars. While the Model Y crossover is more expensive than several other EVs, Somerset's police chief says it's going to save the city $80,000. Imagine if the department converted its entire fleet of cars to EVs.

It will come as no surprise if electric cars, trucks, and SUVs eventually become the new norm for police departments and other government agencies. There are arguably many more reasons to make the switch than not, such as no tailpipe emissions, better overall performance, no noise pollution, roomier accommodations, and the list goes on and on.

That said, even if we ignore all the other potential pros and just look at the money savings, it seems like adopting EVs for our country's police department is really a no-brainer. Many police departments are already strapped for cash, and we can only imagine there's a lot each department could do with an extra $80,000, or a whole lot more than that if they were to replace multiple gassers with EVs.

According to a recent article published by Electrek, Somerset Police Chief Joel Trepczyk went into detail about why the department decided to buy a Tesla Model Y, and how much money it's going to save. The boss was clear that the financial aspect was what made the department move forward with the Tesla. He listed the following benefits of the Model Y over a gas patrol car (via Electrek):

  • No oil changes
  • Regenerative braking
  • Battery designed for 500,000 miles
  • Drivetrain/motors designed for 1,000,000 miles
  • Five-year/125,000 mile drivetrain and battery warranty
  • Most are American-made vehicles
  • Highest crash test rating
  • Superior performance
  • Long vehicle life

The department used funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to buy the electric patrol car. It cost about $60,000 for the Model Y after incentives. Over the course of the next 10 years, the Tesla SUV will save the department more than $80,000, according to Trepczyk. 

The chief also pointed out that the officers are enjoying the Model Y. Its 300 miles of range ensures that there are no issues with anxiety. Shifts typically cover about 30 to 60 miles, and once the car is back at the station, it can be plugged into a Tesla Wall Connector that was recently installed.

Perhaps more interestingly, if you simply look at the upfront cost of an EV like the Tesla Model Y and compare it to that of a typical Ford gas-powered patrol car, the difference in price can make up for itself in just six to 18 months. This is to say that depending on how much a department uses its new electric police car, it may be able to pay itself back for the increased sticker price within the first year of use.

Lede Image Credit: Drivable Designs

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