Electric bikes have become faster and more capable than ever before. This is especially true in the world of electric mountain bikes, where lots of the new e-bikes in the market are pretty much technological masterpieces. The result of the combination of motor and battery tech, as well as cutting-edge bike components, electric mountain bikes can do so much more than just tackle the local trails and take you back home. 

Take for example the 2023 Monte Capro from Canadian e-bike specialist Biktrix. Now on its second generation, the Monte Capro brings a host of new features to the table. For starters, the bike is equipped with a carbon fiber full-suspension frame. Now, Biktrix is offering the 2023 Monte Capro in two versions—Lite, which features a 500W Bafang M600 motor with a max torque output of 120 newton-meters. There's also the Ultra 2 which gets the punchier Bafang Ultra M620, which has a nominal output in excess of 1,000W, and a torque rating of 160 newton-meters. 

The Monte Capro's combination of a powerful e-bike system, lightweight carbon-fiber frame, and top-shelf MTB components results in a bike that's capable of quita a lot. Check out the video below to see just what this bike is capable of. 

In the video, freerider Corey Brown explains why jumping an e-bike is quite challenging. Not only are most budget-focused e-bikes extremely heavy, but their geometries aren't exactly optimized to their setups, either. Corey explains that other e-bikes feel awkward, due to weight imbalance at the front of the bike, usually attributed to the heavy batteries mounted on the frame's down tube. In the case of the Monte Capro, we can see that Corey has no issue at all when it comes to jumping the e-bike, and even goes on multiple runs of the 30-foot jump in the compound. 

As an avid mountain biker myself, I can see that the Monte Capro seems more than willing to soak up all the jumps, and looks like it maintains its composure mid-air pretty well. After all, it does rock modern geometry and premium RockShox suspension on either end. Other components include the 11-speed SRAM NX drivetrain, a thumb-actuated throttle, as well as a set of quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes. These features come standard regardless of whether or not you opt for the Lite of Ultra 2version. 

On the battery side of the equation, it's packing a 48V, 17-Ah power pack with a total capacity of 840 watt-hours. Biktrix doesn't disclose any range figures for the e-bike, but chances are this will vary greatly depending on how hard you ride. The top-of-the-line Ultra 2 is offered in two wheel sizes—either a three-inch wide MTB tire, or a 4.8-inch wide fat tire. 

As for pricing, the Monte Capro Lite retails for $4,499 USD, while the powerful Ultra 2 model will set you back $5,999 USD. 

E-Bike Specialist BikTrix Ups The Performance With New Monte Capro MTB


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