More newly completed Tesla Semis were seen at the automaker's Nevada facility, reportedly being readied for delivery. Tesla still owes PepsiCo many more electric Semis, and while we learned a great deal at the recent electric semi-truck delivery event, there are still many unanswered questions.

Tesla is typically pretty quiet about the goings-on at the company. From time to time we get major announcements, especially if it's good news, but that's not the case on the daily. Instead, we get news from hardcore Tesla followers and drone photographers. For these reasons, we don't really know for sure how many or how quickly Tesla is producing the Semis, and exactly when and where they're headed.

According to a tweet by Zanegler (@HinrichsZane), which was shared by Teslarati, several finished Tesla Semis are waiting at the secret Nevada site near Tesla's original battery Gigafactory in Nevada. They reportedly need to have final inspections before they head out for delivery. While they're not yet wrapped with a logo, it's assumed they'll be on the way to PepsiCo in Modesto, California.


Zane just saw the Semis yesterday, January 10, 2023. He added that there were a total of eight new electric semi-trucks ready at the factory. You can only see a few of the Semis in the video, but it appears there are many trailers ready for the others. The observer went on to share that just a few minutes before he shot the video he saw two more new Tesla Semis on the nearby freeway doing test runs.


PepsiCo and Frito-Lay together were among the first companies to order Semi from Tesla back in 2021. PepsiCo aims to have 100 of the fully electric haulers in service sometime this year, and we've already seen some of its current semis out on the road.

Teslarati reached out to PepsiCo to try to learn more, though the company didn't respond to the request for comment. Hopefully, we'll learn more soon from Tesla about the number of Semi it has delivered, as well as its plans going forward.

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